And So To Bed

IMG_5727 At the end of March 2015 I began a quest to find out whether I could retrain as a journalist; at the age of almost 50 and with full-time family responsibilities meaning I’m pretty much confined to Dorset.

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A Dinosaur of The Jurassic Coast

giant-dragon-head-on-beach-designboom-08Journalists get such a bad rap, I’d like to mention that I’ve never met a nasty one. In fact, during my years in PR, time and again I was struck by how nice they were. And despite this particular Editor – let’s call him Rex – describing himself as an old hack, you’ll not meet a nicer, more helpful one; not least because he managed to end my quest on this journey by providing the definitive answer half way through the interview. Continue reading

A Journalist Called Jack


Actually he’s not called Jack, so I’m slightly confused why he earned that name in the newsroom. No matter, for the purpose of this interview the moniker will do fine. Originally a journalist who trained the old-school way, Jack is now a corporate communications specialist, lecturer and author.

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