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photoI have a very dear friend who, over the decades, has made the steady progression from newspaper tea boy, to editor on a national paper, to bigwig media negotiator. And once flew from London to Australia to enjoy fifteen minutes in a room with Rupert Murdoch.

So I’ve been very interested to hear what he had to say on regarding my quest to become a freelance journalist. And yesterday the answers finally came – in the form of a fully formed post which I thought would be interesting to reproduce here. Continue reading


Keep It Simple, Stupid


A well-known theatre critic for a national paper, you could once have spotted this guy from the note spelling KISS pinned to the top of his computer. And you might be able to again one day, ‘Actually, I should probably stick that one back up. It’s so easy to complicate things.’ Here are his answers.  Continue reading

Born to Report – From Kittens to Crises

Just one month after his 26th birthday, Fred (let’s call him) became the youngest national newspaper editor of his generation. He then spent an extremely happy decade in the chair, before cuts in the industry prompted him to begin a new and most unexpected career immersed in the world of babies.

These days he still keeps his industry-hand in through the occasional freelancing job and writing for an overseas news agency. 

What is a journalist? Continue reading

A Journalist Called Jack


Actually he’s not called Jack, so I’m slightly confused why he earned that name in the newsroom. No matter, for the purpose of this interview the moniker will do fine. Originally a journalist who trained the old-school way, Jack is now a corporate communications specialist, lecturer and author.

How did you originally train as a journalist? Continue reading