So, Can I Call Myself a Journalist?

UnknownWell, no not yet. However, having just spoken to a representative from the NUJ then apparently once I can show earned income from writing articles over six to nine months, then, yes I can.

How very exciting.

And of course there are other benefits you get from being a part of the NUJ including:

– a press card
– advice with copyright issues
– the ability to network within the Union
– a Code of Conduct by which to abide

Looking across the internet there are lots of debates about whether membership is still relevant in today’s media world. An ex-journalist friend recalled not joining as she didn’t feel it was worth the approx. £35 a month when she was working for national papers a few years ago. (Although now she wishes she had joined.)

My conclusion, looking in detail at their website, is that for someone without any formal training it will be an invaluable way of picking up information about the trade, from key practitioners working within. And for the £30 a year student rate, a Press Card and the ability to start gaining the confidence to call myself a journalist, it’s definitely worth it. Where do I sign?


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